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Michele Vincent, painter, artist; Fantastic Surrealist Erotic painting

Art, Fantastic, surrealist, erotic paintings

Of Michèle Vincent.


the Fantastic Art

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Former pupil of the Art schools, Michele Vincent studied the illustration, photography, the sculpture, modelling, engraving, architecture, decoration, the history of art.
She worked on paper with watercolour, pencil, of the gouache, acrylic painting, ink...

For a few years she is writting several books entitled "a History without End", history left straight of her imagination.

She draws and paints on frames on canvas of flax

Admiror of Dali, her ideas come from the reading, the music, the cinema, the comic strip and surrealist paintings, fantastic, erotic, symbolic.

The canvas are preliminary coated and are sandpapered; the idea which will give rise to a painting is described, put in sketch, is drawn initially on copy then on the fabrics; drawings, with the pencil,
passed again with the acrylic resin with washed fine brushes then; the first coats of paint to oil appear by beginning with the skies then the monuments - churches, castles -, the streets, nature, the characters,
birds, wolves... animals are painted then the whole is varnished. Works are photographed to be then put in her site, in other virtual galleries and presented in exposures.

Between this work of painting she imagines jewels, clothing, accessories of mode; she restores antiquities, paintings... (personal collection).

She exposed in the whole world, in galleries, churches, castles. and she worked with artistic associations.

Three years ago, she created two international directories accomodating of the museums, galleries, associations of artists, painters (expressionism, portrait, horn-the eye, pastel impressionist, modern and traditional...), dancers, potters, sculptors, architects, musicians, artists of theatre, creators...

All paintings are protected by copyright and can not be used without author's consent.

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