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au paradis des petits
peintures pour enfants tres gaies et tr?s color?es
and so on
peintures semi figuratives sur les chats, poules, vaches dans des couleurs vives et chaudes
Denis Truchi Art Painter
French painter, Denis Truchi use acrylic or oil paint on canvas. His favourite themes are parisian life scenes, Cafes or musicians.
The Story of Cecilia
Landscapes and Norwegian Mithology.
Art by Lenora, Louisiana Painter
Landscapes, Still Life, Florals, all by Lenora, Louisiana artist with 20 years experience.
Monika Lassak
ACTUALISM, n. Tendency to regard the actual things in the human condition that arrest the mind and stir the emotions; Resulting artistic treatment: a descriptive incomplete narrative.
Gilles Le Corre, images
The most recent work of the author,"the nudity as a symbol of the best of the humanity".
l'atelier de foucault
A visual artist, born in Cairo, with an indefinable independent style, FOUCAULT is an experimentalist, an agitator, who practices his art with a relish for taking risks. Recognizing but not yielding to his own natural limits and images, he rejects all forms of purely intellectual reflection and conceptual investigation. At the origins of the ??Ateliers Oustide Walls?? project, he cultivated a monumental approach to the urban environment with his wall frescos. The contemporary artist as tightrope walker?: in sometime seeming stillness, his expression is an intimate personal exploration that exists at the fragile point where artistic impulse and the soul unite, in that ineffable moment when spirit, tension and inspiration lose themselves, only to meld and become alive on the canvas.
Colin Perini Seascape Artist
Realistic ocean scenes depicting the natural beauty of the ever changing ocean. World leading seascape artist with a dynamic website
Awaken Visions Domain of Visionary Art and Inspira
Awaken Visions is a domain of Truth, Beauty and Inspiration. Visionary Art - dolphins, whales, angels, mandalas, sacred spaces and landscapes of imagination that speak the language of the soul. Quality prints on canvas, posters, postcards, web design and graphic services, free art e-postcards, recommended movies and reading. Themes of spiritual awakening and self-realization.
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