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Surrealistica Hodak Boris Art
BORIS HODAK ? ARTIST Hyper-sensible interpreter of our fears and desires The subject matter of my work is mostly relation-ship man-woman with deep grasp in the human psyche, leaning on psychoanalysis. My work is some kind of window into the human sexual behavior. I?m trying to make the universe of spectral woman which evoluating and rules with heart passages. There is, especially, some kind of obsession with female body ? to transform female body into fetish object. I have always worked with human forms, the picture content usually stems from everyday subject matter. I see the human body as endless source of inspiration, especially the female body.
Zoran Velimanovic - FANTASTIC ART
Metaphysical and surreal paintings by artist painter Zoran Velimanovic
Zeljko Djurovic - Fantasy Art
Fantasy art created by artist painter Zeljko Djurovic - Explore amazing Works of Art - Online gallery of fantastic paintings, drawings and graphics.
Sergei Aparin - Fantastic Painting
We can describe Sergei Aparin's paintings as: enigmatic, metaphysical, fantastic, surreal, magical, mystical or as a dream, fiction, figuration...
Momcilo Macanovic - The Artist Painter
Momcilo Macanovic gives attention to renewing the figure, returning it into the painting with the dignity and importance that it had throughout the long history of visual arts.
Di Vogo - fantastic and surrealistic paintings
Di Vogo's imagination is filled with poetic sensitivity. This artist painter with extremely sharp perception has no inclination for strong, shocking effects, which are features of surrealism. Di Vogo's fantastic world is placed in an atmosphere filled with lyric impressions.
Georgian surrealist artist Ramaz Razmadze
The surreal paintings of Ramaz Razmadze are thought-provoking portals into the visionary world of his imagination
Fine Surrealist Art by Sebastijan Petrovic
Fine Surrealist paintings by Sebastijan Petrovic.
Surrealism and avant-garde. Russian surrealist Joh
Personal site of russian surreal artist.
Surrealisme Surrealism
Surrealist Willem den Broeder shows artwork and give his vision about Surrealism, Surrealism that's born in the subconscious.
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