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Antoine Molinero - peintre des Cara?bes
Antoine Molinero?s expressionistic painting is born from an exacerbated realism, which he deliberately treats with colour, to study and represent snapshot attitudes, which he never freezes in place, but lets endure, like a sound sequence.
Nelly Cristiani. Pintura
Sitio de la artista plastica argentina Nelly Cristiani. Galeria de obras. Pintura. Oleos. Carbonillas. Ilustraciones.
Shefqet Avdush Emini
My name is Shefqet Emini, born on 2 June 1957, in Davidovc, Kosovo. I have graduaded on the Art Acadmy, direction painting in Prishtina, Kosovo. Afer graduading I have worked as a lecturer. Painting and sculpturing has always kept me occupied. I live in Holland since 1994, thereafter I have worked as a professional artist.
albanian expressionist artist painter
Expressionism - Alban Meka... Expressionism , Kosovar Interprtations of Art
hebe beatriz alioto Plastic Artist
Official Web site of the Professional Painter Argentina: HEBE BEATRIZ ALIOTO...
Pictures and new artist paintings-gallery-JMGiralt
Exhibition of the pictures and my new paintings for its sale online, integrated by original artworks: Oils, watercolors, drawings and prints, that belong to my pictorial expressionist current style
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