Michèle Vincent Fantastic Art

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Art, Fantastic, Surrealist,
Erotic paintings
A endless


Tim, the librarian looks at his old books.
They are splendid with their gilded bindings.
“The Lords of the Rings of J.J.R. Tolkien”, “the songs of Maldorore of Lautréamont”, some books of “Edgar Poe”, the illustrations of “Doré Gustave”, and so much others…
And there are several unknown books: ” A never-ending story" of “Michele Vincent”, reporting adventures, in the present, future and past.
He starts reading…

Jonathan lengthen in the forest and fell asleep. A bird settled meadows of him and looked at him. The young man woke up, saw the bird fixing him but when he moved the animal ran away. He decided to return the next day and pretended to sleep. The bird returned. In the course of time the bird, less and less wild, became essential to Jonathan.

A day when this one caressed the animal and put its mouth on its beak, the bird, in a big shudder of feathers transformed into a winged woman. Valérie was able to explain him the spells who had transformed him into bird. Guard of a door separating the daytime of the night, she was stolen a piece of this door. It brought one benefaction, the alternation on the day and night. Valérie was punished for her carelessness...

Jonathan's love for Valérie destroyed bit by bit the curse; but it was necessary to leave and to discover, by means of the Wise person and of his friends the solution to keep the door such as it was henceforth. Because we can not destroy the forces of the darkness which want to plunge for ever the Earth in the night. And so began their adventure in unknown worlds.



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