Michèle Vincent Fantastic Art

Michele Vincent's painting

Art, Fantastic, Surrealist,
Erotic paintings

Exhibitions and reward:

- On 1991: Show of the Independents - Autumn Show of SENS - Gallery of the Old Mill to CLERES

On 1992: Nesles's gallery, PARIS - Gallery of the port, TROUVILLE - DEAUVILLE's big International Competition (National Union of the French Culture) Bronze medal - personal Exhibition Gallery L. Stacul of Martinis, GRAINVILLE YMAUVILLE - show of SENS - International show of the " Lords of the Art " (Arts-Inter) - show CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE Excellence Prize - show of MARSEILLE Excellence Price

- On 1993: Gallery Everarts, PARIS - Gallery of the port, TROUVILLE - show of the French Artists - World Arts show, AVIGNON - Big International Competition, DEAUVILLE ( FNCF) silver medal - International show of the " Lords of the Art " (Arts-Inter) - CHATEAUNEUF's show DU PAPE 1-st Prize - AIX's show IN PROVENCE Silver medal - show of MARSEILLE 1-st Prize - International Grand Prix of Côte d'Azur, CANNES (C.L.A.P.) 3-rd Grand Prix - International Grand Prix of Painting (C.L.A.P.) DEAUVILLE Awards a diploma of Big finale - Biennal of Ypres (C.L.A.P.) Grote Onderscheiding - Canvas Halle (C.L.A.P.) PARIS

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