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Article in "Gallery & Studio" 2011 nov/dec

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Article about Michele Vincent in "Gallery & Studio".


Article aboutMichele Vincent during exhibition at Montserrat Gallerie (New York)

Françoise THUILLIER Pseudonyme: Michele VINCENT
Born on September 11, 1952 in Gruchet Valasse ( Seine Maritime)

Evolution in techniques:
- illustration of the fauna and the flora in watercolour then in acrylic
- Sculpture, Carving in the dry point on patches and on metal objects
- Painting on papyri, miniatures, acrylic on plywood, aerographe, acrylic on canvas
- On 1991 - Oil on canvas
- On 1996 - Oil on canvas: change of technique and orientation
- Technical and practical current: oil, ink, acrylic, drawing pencil and feather

-Restoration of old objects pertaining to friends having visited stores of secondhand trades and antique dealers.
-Creation of clothes and accessories (girdles, bags...)
-Creation and repair of jewels (collars, pins, bracelets, watches, restorations of Norman old pieces of furniture, bonsai...)
-Writing of the sixth volume: A never-ending story
-Resumption of oil painting with new ideas.
-Preparation of a gallery with all the stages of the creation of a canvas.