Michèle Vincent Fantastic Art

Michele Vincent's painting

Art, Fantastic, Surrealist,
Erotic paintings

Exhibitions and reward:

- On 1997: Grand Prix of Moulin d'Orgon Silver Medal - Selected player for the show of NEW YORK (1997) - personal Exhibition Gallery BORELLI, PARIS - Exhibition in BANGKOK (THAILAND)
Art Expo in LOS ANGELES (USA) - Exhibition of group " La Femme " Gallery BORELLI, PARIS - Exhibition in ANGERS - show of Sacred Art, LES ARCS (VAR) Grand Prix of the Composition - show of the Independents

- On 1998: Exhibition Arts Inter, AIX IN PROVENCE Prize of honor - International show of the book and the press, GENEVA (Invited by the WHO'S WHO IN INTERNATIONAL ART) - Art Expo in NEW YORK - Exhibition in MIAMI- International show of YOKOHAMA- show The Music in Painting, SAUMUR Awards a medal of the year - Silver medal (vote of the Public) - Medieval Festival, LES ARCS Grand Prix of the public - Art Expo in VANCOUVER- Exhibition Art Inter, VALENCIA Bronze medal - show of the Independents - Gallery Present Art, PARIS - VALMONT's show- show of BONDEVILLE - show of the Small Size Gallery BORELLI, PARIS COLOMBE - International Gallery, SAN FRANCISCO - show of CHAMBÉRY

- On 1999: show of CANNES ( M.C.A). Golden medal - show with subjects " The horse " Gallery BORELLI, PARIS COLOMBE - show of the Small Size Gallery BORELLI, PARIS COLOMBE - personal Exhibition Relay saint VALERY EN CAUX's Mercury - personal Exhibition Gallery THUILLIER, PARIS - Exhibition of group Gallery FACADE, PARIS

On 2000: personal Exhibition Gallery Etre, ROUEN - personal Exhibition Gallery HEROUET, PARIS - personal Exhibition Gallery FACADE, PARIS - Exhibition of group Gallery BORELLI, EDF, ST DENIS - exhibition of group Gallery Le Carré d'Or, PARIS - Exhibition of group, ISNEAUVILLE ( 76 ) show.

- On 2001: personal Exhibition SAINT VALERY EN CAUX - personal Exhibition Museum of the Cut-away diagram, THE NEUBOURG - personal Exhibition Gallery A Part, PARIS - personal Exhibition - personal Exhibition Gallery Everarts, PARIS - Exhibition of group Artist Guild Space, PARIS

- 2002 : R. V. S. Fine Art, 20 Job's Lane, Southampton, NY, 11968 USA


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