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Erotic paintings


Nature, beautiful and wild, the birds gave me desire for drawing then to paint. over the years I doodled then drawn my first flowers and later my first horse.

I visited museums, galleries. But I was directed towards anything else that painting. With the over the years I took again my brushes.

I never studied painting, I learned only. I like the painting of Salvador Dali, Léonore Fini, the comic strip: Fantastik, the special echo of savannas U.S.A, literature: Lautréamont, Edgard Poe, film them fantastic: Fade to black , The Lord of the Rings, classical music: Purcell, beethoven, Rock'n'roll and Dire Strait, poems: Baudelaire, Verlaine. I painted with water then, one day I've begun the oil-base paint, slowly at my rhythm.

I exposed in the whole world. Personal rewards, exposures, an Internet site, directories and today all that one can see on arts-fantastiques.com. During my studies in an arts school, I directed myself towards publicity and the illustration.

The artists and the authors who influanced me: Verlinde, siudmak, Valentine Hugo, Gustave Doré.

The writing of a History without End with supported certain ideas for my fabrics, but some will never be born, like ideas too much black, too insane.

A video game ............... but this is another history. I met interresting people: the poet Lionnel Stacul de Martinis, the painter Kazimierz DZYGA. My grand father Louis Vincent, me with always constant of alive sound.

I thank all people who helped me and those which created me troubles that learns how to fight.

Happy voyage through these pages.