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Various writtings
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Erotic paintings

Various writtings

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"Peter Mc Lane"
Finally somebody who dreams.
I find the family of the surrealist ones, that of poesy in works, knowledge and imaginary make sometimes the alchemy of virtual worlds, I like

great international price of painting and the sculpture the circle, the spiral. Comets,
The atoms, give rise to think, that the marvellous one is ordered
By an original intention, Ever taken at fault.

The vision of creation, is one source without end of inspiration.

Big concour international
Dear friend You are for us, one of our more talented artists and I am very proud.
Around us, people are much more invaluable. With all our friendship.

Difficult pallet, but excellent .
Work of drawing, composition and control of execution. The matter is beautiful.
Personal subjects, but very "pro".

Persevere especially and return to see us; you are on the good way The most appreciated of the jury. Beautiful technique, luminosity, symbolism.
Poetry and refinement. A talent which impose itself.
Dominique Chapelle-Richard

Who' S Who
in international art
Works of Mrs. Michele Vincent were particularly appreciated, which all the
more encourages us to recommend them to the art lovers.
With our compliments and our best wishes of success for the future.

International academy "Gréci-Marino"
We have the honor to inform you that the board of the management general of the Academic order, after having examined the documents received at the same time as the file held by the order académique,
with decided to name Madam "Prof" Michele Vincent Academic commander section art The present one constitutes
the official letter of nomination.

The Academician will be able to announce obtaining the title by all the means which
it will believe well and it will be able to introduce the title into his artistic curriculum vitae.
We allotted to you the title of higher Academic Commander for the high professionalism shown in the artistic way.


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