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Various writtings

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International directory of the art lords.
"Angelica Grimaldi" wrotte, about Michele vincent's fabrics

An endless story n80 : The chessgame

Michele Vincent create by her works a fantastic univers.
From the illustration world, she express herself today by the oil painting.
She communicate the emotion of a deep life, lost into a coloured world.

An endless stroy n12 : the bird transforms himself into woman.

In an fast and subtil drawing, Michele Vincent make us appreciate at the same
time the symbolism, at the limit of the surrealism, and the oneiric.
It's the melting of these three tendencies that create this own emotionnaly
climate that I call "Cosmic freedom".
Under the celest vault her soul and her mind rove to bewitch us.

"Richard Lefevre" during an exhibition:

You maybe have recieved my impressions burned on one of your posters.
I writte poems with my passion's blood.
Believing at the arts symbiosis, I'm close to: painters, burners, musicians with the eyes of the infinity.
Your exhibition release a confirmed art that seduced me like your astrological research did.

Toward your poster, I have created a poem.
If my way bores you the heart, do not hesitate to exchange some lines under the church of
the art which is the cradle of my life.
Modestly but firmly
"Auguste Richard"

In front of the stone of the fantastic one,
Four eyes of eagles set ablaze the horizon.
Under the church of serenity,
A gold symbiosis
Burn its peace in the stars.
Linked by a dash of love,
The man and the animal
Enjoy their bliss.
Are this two raptors
Born under the sign from ferocity?
Their pride grows
And their complicity tears void
In front of the glance depity of the world.

It is a symbiosis successful
Between the man and the animal.
It is a communion between
The man and nature.
It is a sensual release

Of the mystical man
Who seems to walk
On the steps of the light.

Will know that I appreciate your work.
I smell there heat, light depth
and an unquestionable control.

The woman is an immense source where the man throws himself, as soon as the thoughts of tomorrow occur.

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